December 25th, 2021

To my girls.
My strong women.
My forever friends.
Merry Christmas my babies!

Now let’s get down to business.

1)I’m sorry for being so far out of the loop the past few weeks. Work has been murder. Started a new route in Brooklyn Center and it’s been 12+ hours for six days a week since Thanksgiving. On the plus side, a total body workout! I’ve closed my exercise rings every day and my Apple Watch is so proud of me. Really it’s what keeps my going to see that I’ve closed another exercise ring as I deliver what appears to be a brick of black tar heroin to another satisfied customer.

2)Aisling…I’m so sorry that this Christmas was a bust. Fuck Covid. Fuck Tampa. No other words of encouragement other than to say that Florida will wear her down and she will come back. Talk to Lisa Weatherston about it. She did the same thing and after a few years came to hate the total non-stop shit-show that Florida is. All roads lead back home. 

3)The party that the three of you made possible for Anzley & me (I? Us?). I’m still so blown away by all of the love you showed us and have shown me since basically forever. 

Three Cards Waiting For Words

I have these three cards that have been sitting on the kitchen table for weeks, one for each of you. I haven’t know what to write in them because a ‘thank you’ seems so pedestrian and there’s no way for me to truly express just how special you made me – and us – feel. I am blessed to have a beautiful group of three that has been there through it all. I can not wait to grow old(er) together. 

The last 40 years have been a trip, the next 40 will be too. And I know we will be there for one another. Forever. Always. I love each of you so much and am so thankful for you and all that you have given me.

Here’s to 2022
Here’s to Love
Here’s to Hope
Here’s to Peace
Here’s to Growth
Here’s to Us


aka ‘Vito’ ’Veets’ ‘Matvito’ ‘otis’ ‘Bieri’ ‘The Italian Stallion’ ‘The Thunder From Down Under’ ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ ‘Amanda Huggenkiss’ ‘Federal Reserve Chief Lawrence Summers’